Welcome to Nanaimo Fish and Game

Nanaimo Fish and GameThe Nanaimo Fish and Game Protective Association offers a safe, learning environment for people and families interested in outdoor skills. Here are some of what our association offers.


We provide qualified volunteer instructors for archery for both adults and kids.


We provide safe places for people to practice archery, rifle, pistol, skeet, trap and black powder shooting. We also provide range rentals.


Our Association has been working to conserve fish, wildlife & habitat Since 1905 and have a range of projects we are currently working on.

Have questions about our facility, programs and activities? Contact us.

Club phone out of service due to storm

high voltage power lines

The Club’s number 250 754 2846 will be out of service till at least next Tuesday / Wednesday! During the recent wind storm the electrical High Intensity wire came in contact with the phone line & “fried” the entire line! It will require ladder trucks to fix / replace the phone line, a major job!


Archery Closure


Whether you suffer from Phasmophobia, Kinemortophobia, Pneumatophobia or just simply wish to observe Allhallowtide (All Saint and All souls’ days) you will be please to note that the indoor archery range will be close Monday October 31st for you comfort or pleasure…

Then there are those among us which just like to dress in funny costumes and express our alter egos…this is our chance…. Not that you could not do it any night that archery is open…


Hats for Heads initiative


Provincial authorities are asking hunters to submit heads from deer, elk and moose for testing. The Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations, in partnership with BCWF clubs, has launched a Hats 4 Heads initiative to encourage hunters to turn in their heads and receive a hat as thanks for participating in important wildlife research.
There are a number of fish and game clubs that currently have the hats; all clubs across the province are encouraged to sign up to bring this program to your community. Currently heads can be exchanged for hats at the following clubs;

Nanaimo Fish and Game Club
Courtenay Fish and Game Club
Victoria Fish and Game Club
North Peace Rod and Gun Club (Fort St. John)

Wildlife health testing is an important program to ensure that chronic wasting disease, recently found 30 kilometres south of Edmonton, does not spread to the province of B.C. Wildlife health scientists will use the heads submitted for research to improve understanding of wildlife populations.
For more information about how to submit your head, please contact the B.C. Wildlife Health Program (250) 751-3219 or visit their website:


A good head sample for scientists is:

  • Freshly dead or frozen immediately after death
  • Not shot in the head
  • Hunter contact and location (MU) information
  • One year or older
  • Part of neck still attached as they need lymph nodes in the throat

New Game Checks for the Skeena Region

The new game check program is being led by the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations (FLNRO) and will be implemented by FLNRO Wildlife Biologists (designated as Wildlife Officers under the Wildlife Act), the Conservation Officer Service (COS), and First Nations Wildlife Guardians. A Wildlife Officer will be present at every game check location.  Conservation Officers will be in attendance as resources allow.

The game checks in the Skeena will allow wildlife managers to develop a better understanding of when and where people are harvesting wildlife, as well as when and where people are not, and how they are accessing certain areas. This information will be indispensable when evaluating the effects of the timing and length of the various types of seasons at a landscape scale. The BC Wildlife Federation and First Nations are strongly supportive of this initiative.

For all the details please click Here!

RCMP declare Ruger 10-22 mags that hold over 10 rounds Prohibited

Canada’s national police force has chosen to continue its unabated attack on our nation’s law-abiding firearms community. This time its ire is directed at one of the most common and inoffensive firearms owned by Canadians: the Ruger 10/22 rifle. To be more specific, the attack is on the rifle’s magazines.

With the sweep of a bureaucratic pen, the crew in the firearms’ lab has declared that for the little Ruger rifle any magazine that holds over ten shots is now PROHIBITED. Apparently the logic is that the magazines can also fit the obsolete Ruger Charger pistol. As such they are being considered handgun magazines and must be limited to ten rounds.

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They are wrong of course. Continue Reading →

Anchorage for coal ships off Gabriola Island

The issue of anchorages off Gabriola Island was first brought to our attention by Clyde Wicks in the September October 2015 edition of the club newsletter and posted on this website on Sept. 28/15.

The Pacific Pilotage Authority is proposing five anchorages for coal ships be approved off Gabriola’s north-east side for large vessels bound for Port Vancouver and other locations.  The site for the northern-most anchorage is due east of the homes located at the north end of The Strand/south end of Sandwell Provincial Park.  The sites of the other four anchorages are between the end of Whalebone Drive and Eva Road just northwest of Dragons’ Lodge.


The following letter was published in Times Colonist June 25, 2016 12:43 AM

Gabriola anchorages being carefully studied

I am writing to assure the residents of Gabriola Island and other concerned individuals that Fisheries and Oceans Canada has heard their concerns about the proposed establishment of five new anchorages for large vessels along the northeast coast of Gabriola. I would also like to clarify DFO’s role in the review of this project.

The proposal was put forward by the Pacific Pilotage Authority, a Crown corporation under the responsibility of the minister of transport. The PPA is conducting an anchorage review, risk assessment, environmental review and public consultation for the project. As part of this process, the PPA has submitted the project to DFO so the department can assess the potential impacts to marine mammals, fish, fish habitat and aquatic species at risk.

The conservation and protection of Canada’s marine resources is DFO’s highest priority. We review proposals to ensure proponents avoid, mitigate and offset serious harm to fish, compliant with the Fisheries Act, and provide for the sustainability and ongoing productivity of commercial, recreational and aboriginal fisheries. Fisheries Act authorizations are required for projects that cannot avoid harming fish or fish habitat.

As the proposed anchorages are within the jurisdiction of Transport Canada, general concerns or questions about public consultation opportunities should be directed to Transport Canada through their online comment form tc.gc.ca/eng/ contact-us.htm or by calling 1-866-995-9737.

Rebecca Reid, Regional Director General
Pacific Region
Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Public Access to Wilderness Areas

The BCWF and its members know how important public access to the wilderness is. Allowing more people into the backcountry helps protect it from poachers and vandals but increasingly, outdoor enthusiasts are finding gates across roads that used to be open.

That’s why the BC Wildlife Federation has launched a campaign to press landlowners and government to restore public access to our shrinking wild spaces.

What is called “Right to Roam” is enshrined in many northern European nations,. but in Canada, only Nova Scotia protects the right of people to cross uncultivated private land to reach fishing lakes and streams.

A white paper prepared by the Environmental Law Clinic at the University of Victoria. Public Access to Privately Owned Wild Lands is calling for the B.C. government to take action. Meantime, for a good example of the challenges facing backcountry hikers, read Vancouver Sun’s coverage of Spine Trail and public access

Van Sun Acess 4

Archery Family/Newcomers Evenings

The Archery Division Family/Newcomers Nights  (Monday and Wednesday 6PM to 8:30PM) will be suspended for the months of July and August.

All Archery Ranges will be open for archers (with their own equipment) during regular posted hours. Please check the calendar for regular hours and special event closures.

Club Facilities Orientation Tour

Every third Saturday of each month the club will hold a brief (approx. 20 minute) tour of our facilities. All members and potential members are encouraged to come out for this informal/informative tour.

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The tour will cover what facilities are available at what times, do’s and don’ts, as well as basic etiquette rules. Everyone is welcome with no need to preregister. The tour will start at 2pm (on designated dates) and will begin at the archery range which is the first structure on the right as you cross the bridge into the property.