2018 Event Scheduling meeting at 7pm in Trap building.

On Monday November 6, 2017 at 7:00 PM the Discipline Chairpersons will meet in the trap building to set the dates for their events to be held in 2018.

Each Chairperson, or his official designate, must attend to set his dates for the upcoming year. These dates are set by consensus. Once set they are confirmed and cannot be changed without the agreement of the chairperson who holds the date. If you fail to attend and set your date you will only be left with those dates not already spoken for, and will have no say in setting the schedule.

When setting your dates plan well in advance what you are looking for. Include not only the dates for your actual event but any dates around it that you want to have closed for a set up or a clean up date, or to hold a practice event beforehand. Also make sure you let everyone know which ranges you want closed in addition to the one the event is being held on.

All the disciplines have traditional weekends they have held their events on for years and these will be honored.


Check-In Attendees
2018 Event Scheduling meeting at 7pm in Trap building.