Welcome to Nanaimo Fish and Game

Nanaimo Fish and GameThe Nanaimo Fish and Game Protective Association offers a safe, learning environment for people and families interested in outdoor skills. Here are some of what our association offers.

The BCWF extended personal liability Insurance Policy term runs each year from Dec. 31st – Dec. 31st. Club members are active BCWF Members, and have access to the policy for the duration of your membership. A valid certificate should be carried with your personalized BCWF Member Card as proof of insurance. CLICK HERE for a copy of the current certificate.


We provide qualified volunteer instructors for archery for both adults and kids.


RANGE HOURS: the ranges open at 9:00am. They are closed at sunset and the sunset times are posted in the sign in shed. You must stop shooting and clean up one half hour before closing time.  Always check the schedule for upcoming events/rentals and other closures before driving all the way down. Trap and Skeet have regular practice sessions on Wednesday and Sunday mornings except during special events. For safety reasons the outdoor archery range is closed on those days until 2pm. archery, rifle, pistol, skeet, trap and black powder shooting. We also provide range rentals.
ATTENTION HANDGUN SHOOTERS: During certain months of the year the PPC range is rented very frequently. This doesn’t mean you have no place to shoot. There are 5 other ranges on either side of the PPC range that almost always available to you. CLICK HERE to see an aerial view of the range locations.
If you are not a member of the club you have to pay a $10 day card fee to use the ranges. The form for that is in the sign in shed when the caretaker is present or the range officer trailer when the caretaker is not present (usually Tuesday and Wednesday).
For members of the club who have chosen not to purchase an Annual Range Pass you have to pay a $5 day card fee to use the ranges and the form for that is in the sign in shed when the caretaker is present or the range officer trailer when the caretaker is not present (usually Tuesday and Wednesday).
IPSC Alley #4 (the covered one) is the venue for IPSC training on Saturdays starting in late February and that alley is reserved for that purpose. You need to contact Kevin Wheatcroft by email CLICK HERE 


Our Association has been working to conserve fish, wildlife & habitat Since 1905 and have a range of projects we are currently working on.

Have questions about our facility, programs and activities? Contact us.

Researching the ‘Secret Lives of Salmon’ in the High Seas

On February 16, with major funding from the Pacific Salmon Foundation, 21 scientists from five Pacific Rim countries embarked on an expedition to the Gulf of Alaska to study the ‘secret lives of salmon’ on the high seas. They are testing the prevailing hypothesis that the abundance of salmon is mostly determined by the end of their first winter in the open ocean. We have partnered with Randy Shore from the Vancouver Sun and Stu McNish from Conversations that Matter to bring you video and editorial coverage of the voyage.  Click through below to get caught up, and tune into our website and social media channels (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) for ongoing updates until the voyage returns on March 18.


February 15: The Secret Lives of Salmon: B.C.-led international expedition to probe ailing Pacific stocks

February 19:  The Secret Lives of Salmon: Scientists run test fishery before heading to open ocean

ebruary 26 The Secret Lives of Salmon: There’s more than one kind of fish in the sea

March 1: 
The Secret Lives of Salmon: Groundbreaking genetic tests completed at sea

Trap Division hosts ‘Toonie Prize Shoot’ on April 6th

“The Toonie Prize Shoot is a fun trap shoot utilizing a number of formats – Annie Oakley, Bushwhacker, Sniper, 16 yard, Handicap, and more. Its purpose is to have a fun shooting experience for all abilities and to raise funds to help build a covered spectator area behind trap three.
The Shoot will be held Saturday April 6, 2019 9am-3pm at NF&G. Cost will be $10  plus one toonie from each shooter for each event shot. The winner of the individual event will win the toonies collected for that event. The toonies will be collected and awarded immediately before and after the individual event.
An exciting component of the event  will be the addition of random white targets. When these targets appear and are successfully hit by the shooter, the shooter will be awarded a hidden prize. There will be approx. 20-25 prizes valued at $30 to $150 each. The winners of these or which prizes will not be revealed until after 3pm.
The prize table will be set up the morning of the shoot for shooters to view as well as a list of all people and businesses that have donated prizes.
Shooters wanting to shoot for the prizes will pay an additional $30. Only two prizes will be awarded for each $30 entry. A shooter has the option to purchase additional  $30 entries.
This allows shooters to only shoot for the toonies or to shoot for both the toonies and the prizes.
Lunch will be available.”

For more information contact Bob Maltby

Court Decision re your right to access lakes and streams.

On Dec.8, 2018 I posted an article on the club website announcing that the Nicola Valley Fish & Game Club had won a precedent setting ruling in its case against the Douglas Lake Cattle Company. BC Supreme Court Chief Justice Joel Grove rendered his decision that the public should be able to access fishing lakes near Merritt, BC.

The decision is being received as a declaration affirming public rights to access water bodies at a time when private interests are rapidly closing them off.

Despite this there has been very little press coverage and you hardly ever hear anyone in the outdoor recreation community discussing it.

On Jan. 16, 2018 Emily Senger published an article in MACLEANS which provides a good overview of what happened in this case and where it may lead in the future.

To read the full article CLICK HERE.

Department of Fisheries approach for developing fisheries management actions to address conservation concerns for Fraser River Chinook in 2019

On February 5, the DFO released a letter designed to “communicate the Department’s approach for developing fisheries management actions to address conservation concerns for Fraser River Chinook in 2019.”

The 17-page document identifies “conservation concerns” and is focused on the 2019 Fraser River Chinook.

Page 7 of the document, “Table 3: Summary Table of proposed management actions for Scenario A and B,” discusses actions including non-retention of Chinook over the 2019 season.

Jeff Grout, the Regional Resource Manager of Salmon (and author of the letter) suggests that “If you wish to provide feedback, please do so in writing, by March 1, 2019 to the DFO Pacific Salmon Management Team at DFO.PacificSalmonRMT-EGRSaumonduPacifique.MPO@dfo-mpo.gc.ca. Feedback received will be summarized by the Department and any recommendations on harvest planning will be provided to First Nations and the Departments advisory committees, including the Sport Fishing Advisory Board (SFAB), Commercial Salmon Advisory Board (SFAB), Marine Conservation Caucus (MCC) and Integrated Harvest Planning Committee (IHPC) for further consideration. “

The full document can be downloaded here, and be advised—the window to respond in writing to these proposed management actions closes March 1, 2019.

All club facilities reopen after heavy snowfall.

The club was closed for several days after the record heavy snowfall in the Mid Island area.
There is more than two feet of snow on the ground but after several days of plowing the access road to the club is clear. The parking lot is also clear but all the ranges are still covered with the two plus feet so it may be a challenge to use them.
The club is reopened for now but we are keeping an eye on the weather forecasts. Depending on which channel you watch we are going to have more snow – the only question is how much more.
We will try to keep the website updated but if in doubt call the club before driving down.

Archery Meeting

With the dismantling of the old email program we lost the archery division membership list (some 120 members) we NEED your help to build this list up again.
Anyone interested in identifying or wishing to receive Archery Division specific information and emails please CLICK HERE
Please provide your Email Address, as well as, your First and Last Name to aid in re-establishing our divisional list. Also please let us know if you plan to attend the meeting.
What do you as members want from the archery division? Your input is important to ensure the Archery Division is meeting the needs of all our members. Please come out and join in the conversation.
Please join us at our first Archery Meeting of the 2019 year on Thursday January 17, 2019 held in the ready room at the Nanaimo Fish and Game Club. This meeting is a Meet and Greet, as well as, discussions with regards to the upcoming Archery season.
For a copy of the itinerary please CLICK HERE

Club Property open again after storms bring trees down

Hello Club Members. We have had to close all the club facilities twice now because of storms causing trees to come down across the road into the club and on other places on the property. The road is now clear and you can get into the property. Individual ranges may close temporarily – such as the rifle range which currently has two trees that have fallen down from the berm in front of the 200 yard target line. These will be cleared as soon as possible. More storms are supposed to roll in so we may have to close again. With power outages everywhere we may not be able to post these closures right away so be patient and prepared for unexpected closures.

Anglers win Supreme Court battle against U.S. billionaire over access to lakes, roads

Michelle Ghoussoub · CBC News · Posted: Dec 07, 2018 2:42 PM PT

A precedent-setting B.C. Supreme Court decision has ruled that the public should be able to access fishing lakes near Merritt, B.C., after years of what has been described as a “David and Goliath” legal battle.
For years, the Douglas Lake Cattle Company (DLCC), the largest working ranch in Canada, owned by U.S. billionaire Stan Kroenke, and a group of determined anglers have been going head to head.
Their dispute centred primarily on access to two fishing lakes and a road.
Minnie Lake and Stoney Lake are surrounded by land owned by the large ranch, which claimed the access roads, water bodies and fish in them are private property.
Members of the Nicola Valley Fish and Game club argued the lakes and roadway are Crown land and should be free for anyone to use.
In a lengthy decision released Friday, which cited historical documents, photos, and testimony from members of the Indigenous community, B.C. Supreme Court Justice Joel Groves determined that both lakes are public.
“It would be nonsensical for a government to retain the rights to a lake if, by virtue of a single owner purchasing all the land surrounding a lake, that owner could prohibit public use or ownership of the lake,” wrote Groves.
“It only makes sense that government would have retained the ownership of bodies of water, lakes, with the intention of the public being allowed to access water they retained.” Continue Reading →