After careful review of the new Order of the Provincial Health Officer dated 10 September 2021, the Executive of the Nanaimo Fish and Game Club have determined that our Annual General Meeting (AGM) to be held on Sunday, the 26th of September meets the definition of an Event or Gathering, and as such falls under the terms of the Order. This means there are several procedures that we are legally required to follow.

  • The first is that all persons participating in the AGM will be required to wear a mask at all times.
  • Second, that all attendees will have received at least one dose of COVID vaccine, and are required to prove so prior to entering the meeting.
  • Third, all attendees are required to move directly to their seats and to remain sitting in their seats at all times.

To comply with these mandates:

  • You will be met at the Clubhouse steps by fellow Club Members tasked with ensuring you are wearing a mask and verifying your vaccine status. Proof can be provided by a paper card given to you at the time of vaccination, the downloaded Vaccine Card available from the BC Government website, or pictures or printouts of your verified status from the same website. You are also required by the Order to show proof of your Identity in the form of a government issued piece of photo ID matching the vaccination record. In BC this can be your Driver’s License or BC ID card. Failure to provide proof of identity AND vaccination status renders you ineligible to attend the AGM.
  • Entrance to the meeting hall will be staggered with only one group entering at a time. Others will wait to enter until the first group is seated.
  • For those that are waiting to enter, please form a line well spaced apart as per the Social Distancing Rules we are all now familiar with.
  • There will be no food or refreshments served at the event this year.
  • Bathroom capacity is limited to one (1) person at a time (save for needed care givers assisting).
  • At the conclusion of the meeting, the hall will empty one group at a time.

Because of all these extra requirements, it is suggested you plan on arriving earlier than usual as it may take some considerable time to seat all those wishing to attend.
Our apologies for the requirements but this is the new reality, and we must adhere to it.
Your Executive
The Nanaimo Fish and Game Protective Association