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More on the Liberals so called ‘Assault-Rifle’ ban

Gun vendors baffled by the rules as ambiguous assault-rifle ban rolls out

Patrick White
Published June 3, 2020

Gun-shop owners are reeling from the slow-motion rollout of Ottawa’s ban on assault-style rifles, a measure that has led to the prohibition of far more models than the government had estimated, including dozens that don’t appear to fit the description of assault weapons.

When he announced the ban on May 1, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said it would affect 1,500 models.

But one month in, the RCMP has added prohibition designations to 1,924 firearm models, according to Armalytics, a pro-firearm website that tracks changes to the Firearms Reference Table (FRT), the RCMP’s database of all known gun models and their legal status in Canada. More firearms are being added every week without any public notice as the RCMP interprets the ban’s language and how it applies to the roughly 100,000 firearms models listed in the FRT. Continue Reading →

CCFR commences legal action opposing Liberal firearms ban

May 26, 2020, Calgary, AB

Today the Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights filed an Application in Federal Court in opposition to the recent firearm ban announced by the minority Liberal government on May 1. This ban was brought into effect by an Order in Council made by the Governor in Council amending the regulation that classifies firearms in Canada. The CCFR’s Application asks the Federal Court to strike down the amended regulation on the grounds that:

1. The regulation is invalid, unlawful, and outside of the scope of powers the Criminal Code could have delegated to the Governor in Council;
2. The regulation and the means by which is was created and amended is unconstitutional;
3. The regulation and its effect breaches each of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the Bill of Rights, and section 35 of the Constitution Act, 1982;
4. The exercise of the regulation-making power by the Governor in Council was and is irrational, and contrary to clear fact and all available evidence; and
5. Specifically, the firearms purported to be banned by this Order in Council are obviously suitable for hunting and sporting purposes in Canada, because that is exactly what we have been doing with them for decades.

Following the Order in Council, the RCMP began making amendments to the Firearms Reference Table (“FRT”), changing the classification of hundreds of firearms to “prohibited”, thereby unilaterally writing law and creating criminals out of law-abiding Canadians. Accordingly, the CCFR is asking the Court to declare that these purported “bans by FRT” are of no force or effect, both for similar reasons as applied to the regulation above, as well as the fact that the RCMP simply have no legal power to unilaterally make laws reclassifying firearms in Canada and creating criminals out of Canadians. This is especially troubling given that the RCMP aren’t even notifying the affected Canadians about these unilateral reclassifications.

Because the firearms affected by the regulation and the “bans by FRT” are in fact reasonable for use in Canada for hunting and sporting purposes, the CCFR is asking the Court for a declaration of that, and also for a consequential declaration that all of these firearms are to be deemed to be classified as non-restricted for all purposes, and therefore may be enjoyed by Canadians for both hunting and sporting purposes.

In order to protect the interests of Canadians from irreparable harm in the interim, the CCFR is also asking the Court to grant an injunction staying the effect of both the regulation and the “ban by FRT”, until these matters can be properly adjudicated.

This court action is the first in a series of actions planned by the CCFR to defend the rights, freedoms and liberty of law-abiding Canadians.

A copy of the Notice of Application can be found here.

Club reopens with restricted hours and rules in accordance with COVID-19 rules

To all Members of the Nanaimo Fish and Game

The BC Centre for Disease Control has moved into phase 2 and soon into phase 3 which has given us the opportunity to start the process of reopening our club once again.  However, if BCCDC imposes stricter measures we may be subject to closure again.  Friday May 29, 2020 will be the official start of our reopening plan which will look quite different from our normal operations.  It will be on a “first come first serve” basis to begin with.  Following the BCCDC’s recommendations, a maximum of fifty people and strict social distancing on club grounds will be in effect.  While mask wearing is currently optional we strongly encourage those at greater risk to bring their own mask/gloves as the range does not have supplies to give out.  I would ask you to please abide by the expectations posted at various disciplines and to have respect for our RO’s and discipline organizers.

The specific days and hours we have chosen to open is a direct result of the Range Officers we have at our disposal.  I would like to thank those Range Officers for volunteering their time giving us the opportunity to reopen.  The number of available Range Offices determines the days and hours our club can operate and these days will not be expanded unless more members become Range Officers.   If you are interested in becoming a Range Officer and helping the club increase hours of operation, please contact Rob Clarke.

The Nanaimo Fish and Game will be open to members only at this time and gradually phase in non-members soon.  Day passes will not be sold for any discipline until further notice.  All buildings on the property will remain closed until further notice.  Archery will take place on the outdoor range and or the field course trails.

It is the responsibility of all members to familiarize themselves with the rules and procedures and follow them in order to use the facilities.

Keep your PayPal receipt as proof of membership until your card arrives in the mail.

Join the Club

CLICK HERE to see the rules for the rifle and handgun ranges.

CLICK HERE to see the rules for Trap

Days and Hours of Operation starting June 5, 2020

  • Friday                   12pm – 8pm
  • Saturday              9am – 8pm
  • Sunday                 9am – 8pm
  • Monday               12pm – 8pm
  • Tuesday               12pm – 8pm

Days and hours of operation for Trap

  • Wednesday        4pm – 8pm starting June 3rd & every Wednesday thereafter

**The Nanaimo Fish and Game property will be closed outside these times**

Best Regards
John Noble

The fight to continue to enjoy the Canadian Shooting Sports

Posted by Ryan Simper on 2nd May 2020

I remember vividly at the Taccom Industry Dinner in 2019 when John Hipwell, founder of Wolverine Supplies, stated after receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award that if the Liberals held power after the Federal Election: “it’s over…we’re finished”. Mr. Hipwell was encouraging political involvement in a room full of industry members whose very professional lives depended on a political outcome. How many of them did so is unknown.
For my part, I dove right in and took the reins as the Campaign Manager for one of our local Conservative Party of Canada candidates. Political involvement has always been a big part of my life. As a firearm owner, politics is second nature and a means to an end in order to continue enjoying The Canadian Shooting Sports.
On October 21st, 2019, the numbers rolled in. My candidate lost and the Liberal Party of Canada maintained control of the House of Commons, albeit with a minority government. It was a dire outcome for The Canadian Shooting Sports Community. There was no question that soon, many firearms owned by some of the most highly-vetted and responsible citizens in the country would be prohibited. It was not a matter of if – but when. Continue Reading →

What to do about the Liberals Gun Ban


I’m betting that you already know at least something about the recent gun bans in Canada that were done on May 1st.

Main reason for writing you is to give you some solid action items that YOU can take which can heavily impact the government decision.

If we all take action together, it is very likely that we can have this reversed. If we do nothing to challenge this, they will no doubt continue down this road until they prohibit our bolt action rifles, calling them “sniper rifles”.

First, we will just brief you on what happened. Continue Reading →

Liberals May Order Gun Prohibitions This Week, CBC Reports

Newest update: April 30 at 19:15 Toronto time.

CLICK HERE to see the list of banned firearms

RCMP Release about the Firearms ban

Canada’s governing Liberal Party may order new gun prohibitions this week as the first step in its mass confiscations against hunters, farmers, sport shooters and collectors, CBC News reported.

The Gun Blog estimates banning the 125,000 rifles and carbines named in this first wave of planned seizures will wipe out some $400 million invested in firearms and accessories. Continue Reading →


April 2020
by Edward L. Burlew LL.B., Firearms Law Specialist

The COVID-19 crisis has created concerns among the many PAL and RPAL holders. The RCMP/CFC stated on March 30, 2020 that the production of firearms license cards is on hold until further notice,
In respect of renewals the RCMP/CFC advised, “ the processing of firearms licence renewal applications submitted by mail is on hold until further notice
We recommend submitting your application to renew your firearms licence via Individual Web Services (/en/firearms/individual-web-services)
Individuals can check the status of their firearms licence application via Individual Web Services (/en/firearms/individual-web-services).”
This does not fully answer all the concerns of PAL and RPAL holders whose licenses are about to expire.

CLICK HERE to see full report.

How to donate

To All Members and Nonmembers,

I would like to thank all members and nonmembers who, at this time, are considering donating to The Nanaimo Fish and Game due to the COVID 19 closure.  For those of you who are wondering how to donate funds, here are two methods.
Pay Pal is the easiest and quickest, and you just have to click on the DONATE section of the webpage, however the Club does pay a fee for this service.
If you are unfamiliar with this system, simply mail a cheque to this address:

PO Box 211
Nanaimo, B.C. V9R 5K9

Please do NOT drop off a cheque or cash with Wayne (our Caretaker) at the club.

Larry and Kathy McFarlane have donated $200 and would like to challenge all Life Members to meet or exceed their donation.

We are in this for the long haul so thank you to all whom are considering donating to our wonderful facility.

John Noble
President of Nanaimo & District
Fish & Game Protective

Fishing and Hunting COVID-19 Updates

Recent update to Province of British Columbia – B.C. Hunting Important Notices

A link to important information regarding hunting and angling services during COVID-19 has been posting to the website.

As part of the ongoing response to the COVID-19 pandemic, THIS PAGE will provide updates regarding any changes implemented by the Province related to hunting and fishing activities.

As the Covid-19 situation rapidly evolves, the Resource Stewardship Division within the Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development continues to modify our response accordingly.