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Coal Ship Anchorages off Gabriola Island

Ancored Coal Ship

This information was first brought to our attention by Clyde Wicks in the September October 2015 edition of the club newsletter.

The Pacific Pilotage Authority is proposing five anchorages for coal ships be approved off Gabriola’s north-east side for large vessels bound for Port Vancouver and other locations.  The site for the northern-most anchorage is due east of the homes located at the north end of The Strand/south end of Sandwell Provincial Park.  The sites of the other four anchorages are between the end of Whalebone Drive and Eva Road just northwest of Dragons’ Lodge.

The area from Entrance Island to Thrasher reef has always been one of the most productive fishing areas around here. Locals anglers harvest up to 10,000 fish per year out of this stretch of water according to DFO creel data. When the fishery collapsed back in the mid-90’s it remained the only area that continued to hold salmon and one we could still go to with the expectation of actually catching something.

It is a very unique marine environment because it sits between two major points and is tucked in behind Entrance Reef. We regularly catch rock fish, ling cod and the occasional halibut while trolling for salmon from Whalebone to the Grande.

The Pacific Pilotage Authority, which is a crown corporation, is proposing to turn our favourite fishing spot into an industrial parking lot for 900′ long freighters that are waiting to go into Vancouver to load or unload. Continue Reading →