Imagine an aviation working group that lacked pilots, or a doctorless task force tackling regulation of health-care providers.
That isn’t far off from the reality of the Canadian Firearms Advisory Committee (CFAC), the government-appointed panel charged with advising the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, Ralph Goodale, on changes to Canada’s gun laws.
The Liberals don’t seem too interested in listening to what gun owners have to say, however. Lawful gun owners have first-hand knowledge of the laws’ shortcomings, making us a valuable resource for lawmakers who are serious about enacting change.
Yet, the major organizations representing Canada’s gun owners are conspicuously absent from CFAC.
BCWF has sent a letter alleging a serious conflict of interest and ethics violation by an appointed member of the Canadian Firearms Advisory Committee.

Ms. Natalie Provost is a lobbyist and spokesperson for the organization PolySeSouvient (Poly Remembers) from Quebec that opposes lawful civilian firearms ownership.
She was appointed by Minister Goodale, Public Safety Canada, to the Canadian Firearms Advisory Committee (CFAC) sometime in 2016 or early 2017.
On January 26th, 2017, Ms. Provost signed a contract/agreement and ethics agreement, to suspend and not partake in any type or form of firearms related lobbying, campaigning etc.
As of March 5th, 2018, in direct violation of her signed contract/agreement, Poly Remembers (or PolySeSouvient) raised $2,185.00 in two days from 14 donors in a campaign to help ban many popular semi-automatic rifles in Canada.
CLICK HERE to read the letter sent by BCWF.