BCWF Vancouver Island Region Association is having its annual Kid’s Outdoors Training Camp

The BCWF Vancouver Island Region Association is having its annual Kid’s Outdoors Training Camp.
The Camp is open to kids (male and female) 10-14 years old. In order to participate, he or she must be a Family member of a Club Member currently associated with Region 1.
The camp will run four days (three nights), July 23-26, 2018.  We are very pleased that Courtenay Fish and Game has generously offered their location for the camp again this year.
The purpose of this camp is to introduce kids to various outdoor learning activities, including fishing, archery, firearms, outdoor survival techniques, animal ID, and more.  It will be taught by qualified instructors, with the purpose of getting these kids to be, THE NEXT GENERATION. Most of all we hope the fun metre will be at an all-time high!
Space is limited to 30 kids. With 15 clubs in the Region, this equates to 2 kids from each club. Each club may determine who is eligible to attend.  This opportunity will go to all clubs until May 31, 2018.  After June 1, if space is still available, we will then go back to participating clubs for more kids.  Even if 2 kids are chosen, we will take names for a waiting list as we will be looking to fill all 30 spots.
If you wish to volunteer as a camp mentor/leader or in any other capacity please let us know.
The plan is for the kids to arrive at 11:00 am on Monday July 23, 2018, have a brief info session (dos and don’ts) to get them set up in their groups and put their gear away. Then lunch is served and we move right into our daily schedules.  Kids will be ready for pickup when Camp finishes July 26, 2018 at 2:00 pm.
The kids will be divided into 5 “groups” of 6 (as Marmots, Eagles, Wolf, Elk, and Chinook). All appropriate for the Island. Each group of kids will have their own tent.  The days will begin at 7:30 am with breakfast and end with a closing activity.  This camp will follow the same sort of format as Scouts/Cadets.  Every “group” will have at least one mentor/leader assigned to it.
Participation in the camp is free for the kids.  The Nanaimo Fish & Game Club has donated towards this worthy cause as has the Region and several other clubs.  Hopefully the remainder of the clubs will also donate.  If you are interested please call any member of the Nanaimo Fish & Game Camp Committee – Larry McFarlane (753-3695), or Fred Adkins (758-8799).