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Trap Division hosts ‘Toonie Prize Shoot’ on April 6th

“The Toonie Prize Shoot is a fun trap shoot utilizing a number of formats – Annie Oakley, Bushwhacker, Sniper, 16 yard, Handicap, and more. Its purpose is to have a fun shooting experience for all abilities and to raise funds to help build a covered spectator area behind trap three.
The Shoot will be held Saturday April 6, 2019 9am-3pm at NF&G. Cost will be $10  plus one toonie from each shooter for each event shot. The winner of the individual event will win the toonies collected for that event. The toonies will be collected and awarded immediately before and after the individual event.
An exciting component of the event  will be the addition of random white targets. When these targets appear and are successfully hit by the shooter, the shooter will be awarded a hidden prize. There will be approx. 20-25 prizes valued at $30 to $150 each. The winners of these or which prizes will not be revealed until after 3pm.
The prize table will be set up the morning of the shoot for shooters to view as well as a list of all people and businesses that have donated prizes.
Shooters wanting to shoot for the prizes will pay an additional $30. Only two prizes will be awarded for each $30 entry. A shooter has the option to purchase additional  $30 entries.
This allows shooters to only shoot for the toonies or to shoot for both the toonies and the prizes.
Lunch will be available.”

For more information contact Bob Maltby