Upper Chase Gravel Bank 2The Chase River runs through club property and over the years erosion and gravel accumulation from upstream runoff have changed the nature of the flow to the extent that the banks were at risk at several locations and the area behind the caretaker’s residence was at risk from flooding and trees that had become a falling hazard due to erosion of their root systems.

In order to solve the flooding problem Larry Burnett and his Grounds/Wetland crew took on the task  of correcting all the problems that have built up over the years.

We began by retaining COPCAN EXCAVATING, our long time supporter  in projects around the club, to solve the problems.    After receiving all the permits to allow us to remove the gravel that had washed in and to create fish habitat the work began. The project took one week to complete.

Approximately 1000 yards of gravel was taken out and placed on our property behind the ranges that required good fill.  In addition to COPCAN two local companies stepped up and donated machine and operator time.  Thanks to Bedrock Trucking and Ashlee Bobcat services.

The flooding created some danger trees that had to be removed and two local fallers looked after those for us.  Thanks George Chadwick and Brian Bearclaw.

All of the permits and technical expertise required to make sure this was all done properly was provided Dave Clough, RPBio.  Thanks Dave.

Most of these problems were caused by materials washing down from upstream over roughly a three year period.  Our neighbour upstream is Island Timberlands, and they are going try and eliminate the causes of the problem so we don’t have to do this again.

While COPCAN EXCAVATING had it’s equipment on the property they donated two days of machine and operator time to double the size of our trout pond and enhance the boundaries of the pond.  This will allow us to have bigger, better, and safer events utilizing the pond.  Once again many thanks to COPCAN EXCAVATING.