New Hunter Night – 7pm at the clubhouse

You have your PAL, you have passed your CORE, but you still have questions you would like to have answered before you feel confident about going hunting.
So do many other new hunters.
The Club is proposing to have a Hunting Primer meeting to answer those questions.
We anticipate this taking place on a weekday evening or as a half-day event on a weekend.
A group of the Club’s most experienced and successful hunters will be on hand to answer your questions, provide Tips, Do’s and Don’ts, Techniques, and other insights to help make your hunts more safe, more successful and more satisfying for you.
If you would be interested in attending such a meeting, please use this REPLY link,
and provide us with:
• your name;
• membership number;
• any specific questions you have or topics you would like to discuss; and
• whether you would prefer a weekend or weekday evening.
1325 Nanaimo Lakes Road, Nanaimo, BC

Check-In Attendees
New Hunter Night – 7pm at the clubhouse