Welcome to the Nanaimo Fish and Game Protective Association

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The Nanaimo and District Fish and Game Protective Association.

The purposes and objectives of the association shall be…

  • To encourage the conservation of our renewable natural resources, soil, water, forests, wildlife and their habitat.
  • To encourage strict enforcement of Game Laws and Regulations.
  • To actively oppose all unfair, illegal and unsportsmanlike methods of hunting and fishing.
  • To actively oppose individuals, corporations and government agencies who engage in activities which unnecessarily pollute our environment and degrade our quality of life.
  • To obtain and maintain reasonable public access to all forest and other recreational areas of the province.
  • To actively support the right of all people holding applicable licenses to hunt and fish for sport, in perpetuity, for all species, over all lands and in all waters, subject only to such regulations as may be required in the interests of conservation of the fish and wildlife resource.
  • To actively support the right of all people to own and use firearms and bows to hunt and to engage in casual and competitive shooting activities and sports.

Conserving Fish, Wildlife & Habitat Since 1905