Meet your Members

Ivan Pierce

Ivan Pierce is a quiet spoken “Doer“. He doesn’t make promises, just says that he will “see what he can do“. Then, ‘voila’ : it is done. Ivan was a past Social Chair and Range Officer, among other chores, and is usually found around the Range helping people out, and doing stuff. Thanks, Ivan

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Dennis Bonwick

Dennis Bonwick is truly passionate about the Traditional Bow . As an avid Black Powder shooter, he became hooked to the sport at a BP Rendezvous about 15 years ago during a Long Bow demonstration. He has never looked back. He began constructing his first Long bow shortly after, and has made several since. His other passion is teaching others the finer points of Traditional Long Bow shooting. Quietly, calmly and confidently, he demonstrates and teaches the skills and subtle nuances to young and older shooters alike. Instilling confidence and enthusiasm in them. Dennis is another of the behind the scenes Pillars of the Nanaimo Fish and Game Club

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Pat Baldassi

Pat Baldassi is another Club Member who makes a considerable contribution without a lot of splash and noise, working quietly behind the scenes sharing his considerable knowledge and abilities. Pat is an avid and active archer, and as a Mentor for the Junior Program offers a varied and interesting program. A walk in the woods with Pat in an informative and entertaining adventure where one can learn about the local plants and wildlife as well as their cultural uses and dangers. Pat was instrumental in the Junior Program Boat building project.

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‘Chuck’  Hawtin

Leonard C. Hawtin , or Chuck as he is affectionately known by his many friends, was born in Ontario. He served in the Navy for 25 years before moving out here in 1992. Chuck has been a Nanaimo Fish & Game member for 8 years now, and is a co-Trap Director. Chuck is one of the quiet and un-assuming Club supporters who spends many of his spare hours up at the club looking after the many chores that need to be taken care of so the trap can run smoothly. If he sees something that needs doing. He just quietly goes and does it.  Besides Trap, Chuck enjoys skating , sailing on his 27 ‘ sailboat, and keeping his own yard looking immaculate. He is also reported to be a bit of a gourmand. While still fighting to gain prowess in Doubles, he, unlike many, is one who actually shoots better than he talks.

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Al Brown

Al Brown is one of the stalwart members who make this Club strong. With extensive experience and service on the Executive Board, Chairing the Annual Turkey Shoot, Chairing the CNIB / MS Society and Club Family Fishing Day, or cleaning Wood Duck Nests, and stepping forward whenever help is needed, he is truly a man for al seasons . Here is Al shown : sharing one of his “jokes”, carrying a Wood Duck nest uphill to be cleaned, and shooting Turkey Boards. All in a day’s work.

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