Membership Benefits

Here are the benefits you get when you join the Nanaimo Fish and Game Protective Association:

Excess Personal Liability Insurance

$2,000,000 Each Occurrence Limit for Individual Members.hunting and angling activities

  1. shooting at competitions or for recreation at Gun Clubs
  2. archery at range
  3. the use or ownership of a watercraft up to 12 meters in length (excluding passenger hazard) and a horsepower (hp) maximum of 100 while engaged in (1)

BCWF has also posted a fact sheet about the coverage. For more details click Facts About Your Insurance coverage.

A Voice

Nanaimo Fish and Game acts as your voice – your representative to all levels of government and media when it comes to issues such as:

  • conversation and wildlife habitat protection
  • policies that affect hunting and fishing
  • policies that affect ownership and use of guns

Without this voice, decisions can be made by governments without all the facts  and the media may focus on only one side of a story that affects us all.
The club is affiliated with BCWF and the BCWF Vancouver Island Region.

Range Access and Trails

Nanaimo Fish and Game offers the following ranges and trails:

  • Archery range
  • Pistol range
  • Rifle and black powder range
  • Skeet and trap range
  • Black powder trail
  • Archery, hawk and knife trail

Our range gives you and your family a safe place to learn and practice your shooting skills.

Supporting Conservation

Nanaimo Fish and Game is committed to protecting habitat for wildlife, birds and fish and we have been involved in a number of projects to enhance habitat protection including the Millstone River Salmon Bypass Channel in Bowen Park and a current project at Haslam Creek.

We also work to keep governments, media and the public aware of the need to protect habitat to ensure future generations can enjoy wildlife.

Youth Programs

We offer youth programs in archery and .22 shooting.

Youth learn range rules, firearm safety and shooting skills from patient and safe instructors.

A great way to pass on our love of shooting skills while ensuring the safety of youth.

Education and Training

Here are some of the training programs we offer:


We provide archery training for beginners (both children and adults) 2 nights a week. We also have equipment available people can use so you can try archery to make sure you and your family enjoy it before investing in your own equipment.

International Practical Shooting Confederation Training

We offer weekly IPSC skill development sessions along with  IPSC Black Badge Courses a few times throughout the year.

Also, many of our members are happy to provide informal training to new members and beginners.


At our regular monthly meetings, we offer speakers on a range of topics of interest to our members.

Friendships & Social Events

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of membership in the Nanaimo Fish and Game Protective Association is the change to meet and spend time with people who share your interests. Whether your interests are archery, outdoors, shooting, hunting, conservation or historical weapons, we have people who share your keen interest.

We have social events, bbq’s, dinners, competitions and many other opportunities to get to know each other. We welcome families and run many events specifically for kids and families.

Exploring History

Our club includes two groups that help you explore historical skills that our ancestors used.

Black Powder, Tomahawks and Bowie Knives

Members of The Mount Benson Buckskinners enjoy the challenge of shooting guns and gun replicas used in the 1800’s and earlier.  Their competitions are called Rendezvous in memory of the early summer gatherings of mountain men trappers to sell hides and buy supplies as well as partying and participating in competition. In addition to rifle shooting, they also shoot muzzle loading handguns and compete with tomahawks and Bowie knives.


People have used archery since the stone age and was an important hunting and military skill for our ancestors. While some of our members use modern compound bows, many use traditional recurve bows, long bows and horse bows.


Want to hone your skills with a little competition? The Nanaimo Fish and game is hosts and helps people train for many competitive events including:

To join our association, CLICK HERE. If you have other questions about member benefits, contact us.