Nanaimo .22 Rifle FIELD Precision Shoot

Nanaimo .22 Rifle Precision Shoot

This Shoot will consist of sitting at a bench, shooting at paper bullseye targets placed at 50 yards (Y) and 100Y. Any type of rifle sights can be used. The 1st shot will be fired at 1 p.m. on the last Sunday of each month.

Participants are requested to be present not later than 12:30 p.m. to get their set-up duties completed and absorb briefings (if required).

The Shoot can accommodate 14 shooters simultaneously. Shooters are requested to PRE-REGISTER for this Shoot with the Organizer (info below) Not Earlier Than 1 week before the scheduled Shoot. Earlier requests for registration will not be accepted. Should a Registered shooter not be able to attend the Shoot, cancellation notification is required (no reason required . . .  just notification).

Shooters who already have insurance coverage through Club membership affiliation (with agencies such as BC Wildlife Federation or National Firearms Association) will not be required to pay the Nanaimo Daily Range Fee for this Shoot. Shooters will ‘Sign-In’ twice: initially with the Duty Range Officer at the complex, and once again within the rifle shed. Post-Shoot, shooters should Sign-Out with the Duty Range Officer at the complex before they depart the ranges.

Shooters should arrive with their rifle sighted-in for 50 yards . . . and . . . with knowledge of the sight setting for use on 100 yards targets. A total of fifty (50) SCORING rounds will be shot at 50Y. A total of forty (40) SCORING rounds will be shot at 100Y. NO Sighting-In rounds will be fired during this Shoot.

50Y      Timing allowed is 40 minutes (for 50 shots) 100Y    Timing allowed is 32 minutes (for 40 shots)

The 50Y target ensemble consists of 10 bullseyes, with each bullseye expected to receive 5 shots. The 100Y target group consists of 4 bullseyes with each bullseye absorbing 10 shots.


The following conditions are imposed upon shooters:

  1. Front rest ONLY (i.e. no rear bags, no Lead-Sleds);
  2. Bi-pods can be used;
  3. Slings can be used.


Score your own targets. Enter your scores on the Sign-In Sheet (in the correct column, please). If you wish a Final Results e-mail, provide the organizer with your e-mail address . . . LARGE & legibly printed (suggestion: put on back-side of Sign-In Sheet).

Fee:    The Shoot Fee is $ 2.


Bob Lake 250.247.8886