Now that the big game hunting seasons have mostly wrapped up, it’s a good time to outline the many annual Big Game Awards that our Club offers.  Permanent trophies – that you may have noticed on the Club’s fireplace mantle – are awarded each year at the club’s AGM for these competitions that recognize animals taken during the previous calendar year.  It looks like we won’t be able to hold a live AGM this year, but the Awards Competition will still take place. 

All you need to enter is to be is a member in good standing and follow the guidelines for entry as noted here.

 JOHN BARSBY MEMORIAL TROPHY: This award is provided to the heaviest Vancouver Island deer taken during the previous season.  In order to qualify, the deer must be officially weighed at either the Club Caretaker’s house (between 9 am and 5 pm any day of the week where Caretaker John or the Range Officer will witness the weigh-in – 250.754.2846), or at my house (call first: Kim – 250.802.9471).  Weights obtained at the Nanaimo Lakes or River Camp game check do not qualify for entry.  Edible internal organs (heart, liver and kidney) can remain inside the carcass.

OUTSTANDING BIG GAME AWARD:  Any big game species taken in BC is eligible in this competition.  The animal must be officially scored by any Boone and Crockett or Wildlife Records Club of BC scorer.  In Nanaimo, scorers include me, Charles Veasey (250.758.2555) and Byron Mason (250.390.2846).  The award winner is determined by whichever score is the highest percent of minimum required for entry by the Wildlife Records Club of BC.  This allows different species to fairly compete with one another.

ARCHERY AWARD: Any big game species taken with archery (including crossbows) in BC is eligible in this competition.  As above, the animal must be officially scored by any Boone and Crockett or Wildlife Records Club of BC scorer.

JUNIOR BIG GAME AWARD:  This award is available to any Junior Club member.  A Junior Hunter – which is defined the same as a ‘Youth’ in the BC Hunting Regulations – is any hunter who is 17 years of age or younger on the date the animal was taken. As with the Outstanding Big Game Award, this competition is for any big game animal taken in B.C. which must be officially scored and judged according to percent of minimum entry score for the species.

OCCIDENTAL HOTEL NANAIMO & DISTRICT F&G MEMBERS ANNUAL ANTLER CONTEST:  This competition is for the largest scoring antlers of a Vancouver Island deer taken by a Club member.  As above, the animal must be officially scored to qualify for entry.

FREAK HORNS/ANTLERS AWARD:  Although rarely awarded due to lack of entries, this award is given to the ‘oddest’ horns or antlers taken by a Club member.  The winning entry is decided by the Club’s Executive.

Please contact me if you believe you have – or know of – an animal that qualifies for entry into the competition.

Kim Brunt, Big Game Committee Chairman
Phone 250-802-9471

Email Kim Brunt