The province is soliciting public input to hunting and trapping regulations for the upcoming 2024 – 2026 regulations cycle. This is your opportunity to provide input to a process that determines your hunting and trapping opportunities for the next 2 years – please take the time to review these proposed changes!!

This link will take you to the site where you can view all proposed changes:

You may wish to sort the extensive list of changes by region by clicking on the word “Region” at the top of the list. The details and rationale of each proposed change can then be viewed by clicking on the summary text in the “Title” column.

At the bottom of the details about the change is a button called “Provide feedback” where you can provide your input. In order to make comments, you will need to have a Basic BCeID (which you use to purchase licenses and species tags). Please be respectful in your input so that your comments will be taken seriously.

The deadline for public input is 4:30 pm on March 22.