On February 16, with major funding from the Pacific Salmon Foundation, 21 scientists from five Pacific Rim countries embarked on an expedition to the Gulf of Alaska to study the ‘secret lives of salmon’ on the high seas. They are testing the prevailing hypothesis that the abundance of salmon is mostly determined by the end of their first winter in the open ocean. We have partnered with Randy Shore from the Vancouver Sun and Stu McNish from Conversations that Matter to bring you video and editorial coverage of the voyage.  Click through below to get caught up, and tune into our website and social media channels (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) for ongoing updates until the voyage returns on March 18.


February 15: The Secret Lives of Salmon: B.C.-led international expedition to probe ailing Pacific stocks

February 19:  The Secret Lives of Salmon: Scientists run test fishery before heading to open ocean

ebruary 26 The Secret Lives of Salmon: There’s more than one kind of fish in the sea

March 1: 
The Secret Lives of Salmon: Groundbreaking genetic tests completed at sea