Please be informed of a new procedure regarding the use of our cardboard and garbage bins at the club.
Effective immediately, the main blue steel garbage and cardboard bins are now locked. In their place, 1000-liter plastic totes have been provided. Members are instructed to deposit club garbage and cardboard into these plastic totes. At the end of each day, the caretaker will remove the contents of the plastic totes and appropriately dispose of them.
This change is necessary due to four recent fines of $400 each incurred for contaminated bins, such as instances of wood being placed in the cardboard bin. Additionally, it is imperative for members to refrain from bringing waste from home to these bins, as hazardous materials and non-club-related garbage have been discovered, resulting in further charges.
As a community, it is crucial for us to minimize unnecessary expenses, particularly fines unrelated to club activities. Every contribution counts towards maintaining our facility and facilitating projects aimed at attracting new members.
Furthermore, please be aware that the burn pile adjacent to the fish pond has reached capacity. Consequently, Larry McFarlane has implemented restrictions and erected a chain. In the future, members must seek prior approval from Larry via email at before disposing of yard waste in this area.
Your cooperation in adhering to these guidelines is greatly appreciated.
Michael Ward CD
Director of Facilities Maintenance
Nanaimo Fish and Game Club